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HOS in Alley -- PARROT

[Post New]by jcsgame on Jun 20, 15 3:40 PM
At present, until the Developer fixes the problem, there is only one way to get around the smashing of the Parrot.

Restart the game under a different Profile, or delete your existing Profile.

----------------------SPOILER ALERT----------------------

When you get to that HOS in the Alley, find everything that you can or use the HINT button. DO NOT under any circumstances play the MATCH-3; that is where the problem is.

The baseball bat is used to smash the Parrot and it is located at the shelf level, just below the mask.

If you follow my information, you will get the Lollipop and be able to continue the game.

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Re:HOS in Alley -- PARROT

[Post New]by rhodalumpkin on Jun 23, 15 2:11 AM
Thank you JC, I hate to start all over again but I am too far into the game to just let it go. Appreciate the advice

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