[Post New]by keltii_witch on Aug 27, 08 10:30 AM
I cant get past Camelot! been on it near a month! any tips? tricks, hints? i have tried the "make each hole negative score" and the "save the clubs" ,, anything else? prey to the bigfish goddess for a jackpot spin higer than 250? lol offer a sacrifice of an ex-husband? lol



[Post New]by rozy246o6 on Sep 15, 08 7:29 AM
i've been camelot for almost 2 months and still can't get passed it, i have got as hight as 10,978. there has got to be some trick to it. i to have tried save the clubs, get perfect scores, long runs. what else if left. HELP



[Post New]by bibleteacher on Sep 30, 08 4:25 PM
That is weird, I don't even have Camelot on my list of courses and only have 5 left to do. Do you have the updated version and if so are there new courses??

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