Hidden world of art

[Post New]by customer007 on Jun 21, 15 2:29 PM
What a waste of money this game is! When you are faster than the computer and is placing you on the 6th place, you know that this is "garbage" not fun. And regarding the so called "creators" of those game, before they try to make money, here on our country, they should learn how to spell English words properly. No wonder the customer is looking at those "shades" wondering what in the world is this? And yes, there is a difference between a cauliflower and a cabbage. Maybe in Russian language there is no difference but here it is, where we speak English. And also there is a difference between a clock and a watch. From now on, before I purchase another game, I will try to see who its "creators" are. No more American dollars if you don't know how to spell a word and use shades that nobody can figure them out.


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