Can't clean oil spill in garage

[Post New]by sjclon on Jun 21, 15 4:29 PM
I get the pipes and brushes in the garage just fine, but when I spray the oil slick, it stops at 93%! I can't get to 100% to get the matchbook. Every time I play the game I get to the same point and can only get 93% cleaned. Any ideas on how to get past this or get it to work?

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Cannot dust fingerprints

[Post New]by dkoda on Oct 24, 15 10:23 PM
I am sorry to bother you. It seems that you have past a certain part.
It is where towards the beginning: click on the gloves, the small brush
by the fire distinguisher and the other thin brush in the middle
I have been trying for the life of me pick up the brush, click on the powder and
dust the broken glass. I click on the brush and after that nothing ever happens.
Please help me, as I am getting to the point...
Again sorry for bothering you and adding you to my guestbook?
I am new at posting.

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