stray souls stolen memories

[Post New]by ruby7777 on Jun 21, 15 10:53 PM
My computer only handles older games, and this is one. Thre was a walkthroug promised in 2013...isn't 2 years long enough? I keep having more and moe problems wih this site that I may have to change. At one point I sw thee was a blog that would help, bu carobin
find it. I am disabled and need the help. Pleae at least answer me....I don;t get answered with 1 exception and I had to delete game without playing it very long. Things just keep getting worse, I get charged wiith game credits when I use a discoung code, same with punches from card.
when I try to use punches for games, the numbers/leters never work. I keep paying and not getting what I should. Poor business practice and very disappointing

Robin (this was directed to monitor, but anyone is welcome to read it/?.

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