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level - last one on the Boardwalk

[Post New]by elanie on Jul 4, 09 2:13 PM
can anyone please help it think it is level 3;10 i can not get the points it looks like i am not getting points for bringing punch i do it quickly i do get my music requests though has anyone had this problem or is it just me


Re:level - last one on the Boardwalk

[Post New]by ME15733 on Jul 5, 09 1:43 AM
It took me at least 10 tries to finally pass this level. The first tip is to keep putting the invitations out on the tables. They are an easy 200 points each. Otherwise just try to remember who keeps coming in when, as I've found that it's pretty much the same people. Otherwise keep at it and you'll eventually get it. Good luck!

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