Bonus Game won't open

[Post New]by chantillylace on Jun 23, 15 11:30 AM
I finished the main game and received a notice that I could nowplay the bonus game, but when I clicked on "Bonus Content" it asked "Do you really want to start the game over?" I blinked a few times not expecting that response, so backed out and looked everywhere for some other reference about "bonus" and found nothing so went back and again asked that question. When I said "yes," indeed the game started over. I wrote to Customer Service and rather than help me they referred me to this forum...the first time ever, as a member for many years, that BF Customer Service has not at least attempted to provide an answer. So do any gamers out there have any idea?. I don't love paying for a Collector's Edition and only getting a standard game, if that is what happened.

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