Hospital Cabinet code?

[Post New]by Black_Light_halo on Jun 24, 15 2:59 AM
Is anyone else having trouble in the Hospital room cabinet?
They are 9 numbers and you have to get the chart to finish the "code"
However, it says that the code equals WXYZ.
I know that WXYZ is the result of the problems presented but they numbers need to single digit ( I assume) in order to use them to open the door.
If WXYZ = 6,12,5,16 then how I do enter them?
For example, I have tried to keep all the single digits as singles and I've taken 12 and tried 1+2=3 and for 16 I did 1+6=7 and tried them but no luck.

Am I missing something? ha ha Any help would be appreciated!


Re:Hospital Cabinet code?

[Post New]by Sprockett on Dec 13, 15 10:52 AM
Sorry, I am having the same problem. Done and tried everything you have tried. Need help!!!

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