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[Post New]by benfa on Jun 24, 15 8:05 PM
One of the firework boxes says entertain a customer to the point of feeling estastic. What does this mean?


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[Post New]by Marinersfan04 on Jun 25, 15 6:42 AM
You use the entertainer to keep a table or customer happy, to the point all hearts are restored. Sometimes it takes several "clicks" of the entertainer and table to keep the customer at the full happiness level until they check out. This would be my interpretation of it.

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[Post New]by Janette5 on Jun 25, 15 10:37 AM
What Marinersfan04 said is correct.

Just an extra tip - if you want to get this trophy then a quick way of getting this is to send the entertainer to the customers' table first, before they place the order because then they're automatically ecstatic.

(Click on the entertainer, then click on the people he must go to.)

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