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confusing instructions

[Post New]by psams on Jul 5, 09 7:09 PM
Does anyone else find the Genie's instructions confusing? One puzzle you are to light up all the squares except for an X in the middle. But when the puzzle is done, the X is lit up, because those are the locked squares.
one you go from dot to dot, going from the upper left corner to the lower right and you can't visit any area twice. But the walk through shows you going from the first dot to another, then back to the first. Isn't that revisiting?

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Re:confusing instructions

[Post New]by princesschaos1st on Jul 6, 09 7:38 PM
I seem to recall it taking me a few tries to solve that one. Flustered me so much I haven't gone back for more torture


Re:confusing instructions

[Post New]by biblegurl on Jul 12, 09 2:43 PM
I couldn't solve it without revisiting dots, so I read the instructions again and it said not to revisit lines. That's when I saw the faint lines between the dots. I'm still on my 60 min trial, and that took too many minutes. lol

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