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dressing up the dolls HO

[Post New]by nypitterpat on Jun 25, 15 6:26 PM
Could someone help me with the scissors, every time I go to put the scissors where they belong to open the stitching, it won't take and the hint button isn't working. Is there some of trick to get the scissors to cut the stitching?


Re:dressing up the dolls HO

[Post New]by sbruck on Jun 25, 15 8:34 PM
What looks like scissors may be a key. The scissors come out of one of the boxes.

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Re:dressing up the dolls HO

[Post New]by Valdy on Jun 26, 15 11:52 PM
I too struggled with the "scissors" until I read sbruck's solution. Thank you very much, sbruck.

Because throughout the game it's often very difficult to pick up items and/or to put them in the right place, I thought this was just one of the many times when you needed to try it for half an hour.

This is a great game, but it definitely needed more work done. Most items, like the SG, only react when you click beneath them rather than on them. When my cursor hovers over the SG sign, the Hint button highlights. And this is only one of many examples. That's very badly done.

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