play the Hop?

[Post New]by andrea1961 on Jun 25, 15 8:03 PM
How do you "play" the hop? i assume this refers to the wardrobe/cabinet and the scratched off roman numerals but cannot get the order correct.

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Re:play the Hop?

[Post New]by ganonsbane on Jun 26, 15 7:42 PM
If you are playing the 1st HOP, the Order is;

Spoiler: Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Blue, Red . Highlight to read.

If it's a different Cabinet, you'll have to tell me the Location.


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Re:play the Hop?

[Post New]by acp95ejp01ecp02 on Jun 27, 15 5:42 PM
You may have figured this out already, but this is what I did. You press on the drawer of the color, as suggested by the Roman Numerals. When you press the red drawer first it gives you the message that that is wrong start over in the upper right hand corner. If you just continue to press the drawers in the order of color and ignore the message, it will give you the 4th dove.

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Re:play the Hop?

[Post New]by 9otters on Jun 27, 15 6:16 PM
That is true. I didn't have tech issues but I noticed many places where the game was telling me to do something I'd already done...or I'd done something wrong.

I ended up ignoring it and just doing what I KNEW to do. Very frustrating though...

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