Which items i can sell?

[Post New]by speedydust on Jun 28, 15 9:51 AM
Which items from my inventory i can sell and are not needed in game?
I am lv.19 and i need coins to progress further in game.


Re:Which items i can sell?

[Post New]by whitebutterfly54 on Jun 28, 15 10:07 AM
Hi speedydust and welcome! Every player you speak with will undoubtedly have a different opinion. Mine is not to sell anything. You will never be able to sell enough to keep up with the game's ravenous appetite for coins and by doing so, you will deplete your inventory.

Keep in mind this game currently is open-ended, so we're not playing towards an end goal. The journey is the fun. So don't look at it as a game you can play, finish then move on.

Take your time; to earn coins play the HOSs over and over and over again, send the Airship, visit the Fortune Wheel for the free spin only, pluck every flower and send Pets as frequently as you can. Play the Daily Quests ONLY if it does not require you to use any inventory. The more you build up items in your inventory, the more those items will drop. Do not use your very last airship item, pet food or stamp. If you do, they will be harder to get.

Take frequent breaks, it helps ease some of the frustration with the game.

Play like this for a while and you'll be surprised how much you will be able to accumulate. Good luck to you.

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Re:Which items i can sell?

[Post New]by annieliz1 on Jun 28, 15 10:12 AM
I have no idea what items are going to be needed on later in the game; we don't know yet what "later in the game" will be.

I sell items of which I have more than one hundred (apart from the forged keys, I am told they will be in need. And I do not sell pet foods or stamps; I know they will be needed too.

But it is up to you and how desperate you are to stop doing the HOS all the time. As whitebutterfly54 says selling inventory will never save you; it will only add a small bit of extra coin to your total.

The only exception to this - and I state this with some reservations - is when you can craft a valuable item from several low value ones. Ancestors Spirit is one but don't do it too often or you will lose valuable stamps. Take a look at the laboratory to see what items you might want to craft and sell. Blessings Pendant is another one.

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Re:Which items i can sell?

[Post New]by General_hobojoe on Jun 28, 15 10:52 AM
I retain a cautious and savvy path through the accumilation of needed coins.....think of your game serving you best and not hindering your progress/and fun with it...

1. crafting-AS needed
3. pets-quite a bit
4. selling inventory-rarly do this
5. airship-alot
6. dice play-for fun
7HOS -"
you get my drift............crafting is a facinating and technically learned "in game" process....used correctly huge gains of coinage are the end result.....
there are many threads of this.....APPOLLO has the list of crafted items and their worth.....the craft center lists the items needed for each one.....compare your inventory and decypher your best path to the list....some are coin generating and some are not.....some use precious inventory items and give huge coinage back and some don't..some give a little less but take the crap you wish to trash anyway....
Read the threads and play smart......you'll be a millionaire too **D**

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Re:Which items i can sell?

[Post New]by Rahia on Jun 28, 15 11:28 AM
The best way is as stated above, endless rounds of HOS. Of course sending the airship and feeding the pets are another way. If you don't use the wands or the crystal balls, sell those as well. I tend to sell items that drop from HOS down to a certain level if they are only used for crafting. Foundation of the Universe, Chain of Blood Rubies, etc. I keep them 50 less than my "ZZ opener" items. I keep Vampire's Palm, Harpy's Feather and a few others that are used in ZZ's but less often around 20 less than the "ZZ Opener" items.


A good thread by Annelliegram for which items go where and which items are just for crafting.


Apollogold's craft list, very helpful but beware your stamps if you do craft for coins.

Just click and paste the links in your browser.


Re:Which items i can sell?

[Post New]by speedydust on Jun 28, 15 11:32 AM
Thx for answeres!
I need 4500 coins for Pirate ship and 4300 coins for Twilight Guide. That is totaly 8800 coins...

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Re:Re:Which items i can sell?

[Post New]by Tunkfairy on Jun 28, 15 12:43 PM
In remember when I got stuck without coins.I went through my inventory and sold 1 of anything I had 3 or more of. Mostly stuff that you don't use all the time. I also second what everyone else said, HOS!HOS!HOS. And keep collecting flowers.They add up.


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Re:Which items i can sell?

[Post New]by apollogold on Jun 28, 15 3:00 PM
Hi speedydust and Welcome to the forum,

I have to concur with what everyone has stated here. Just remember... this game is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Just take your time, there is no need to rush. The best way to gain your coinage is to play the endless rounds of HOS's, send off the airship (when you can) and only take your FREE SPIN on the Wheel! I normally set myself a goal on how much coinage I wish to collect BEFORE I proceed with any quest as this helps in many ways. You not only up your coins, but you also build up your inventory. Yes, I understand, that you wish to play as quickly as possible, but, for me... this made the game more frustrating as I was ALWAYS needing something! If you play the Daily Quests... be careful, as this will only deplete your inventory! Only play those that you feel comfortable with. As for crafting for coins... if you do this, please keep in mind what Rahia said... BE AWARE of your STAMPS! Most players don't stop to think just how many stamps are used in crafting and, as with everything in this game, if you drop below a certain percentage, the item will be harder to get! I should know... BEEN THERE, DONE THAT! Also... do not be afraid to place what you need on your wish list. If it hadn't been for my wonderful friends, I would never have gotten to Level 63! Also, pick every flower that you find! 10 coins may not be much, but you'd be surprised at how quickly they add up.
I do understand that most players would like to know WHAT items are not needed ( in order to sell them) for the game. I tried to make a list, but I have found that just about everything in this game is needed! If not for a ZZ, then it is needed to craft with! You will have to use your own judgment on what to sell and what to keep. Sorry, guys. If you would like to print out any of my Lists, you will find them located under the Helpful Hints links page, under the " Tips, Tricks and Guides" section. Hope this helps you out.

Apollo / Shadow in the castle.

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Re:Which items i can sell?

[Post New]by SirMarcus on Jun 28, 15 3:29 PM
speedydust wrote:Thx for answeres!
I need 4500 coins for Pirate ship and 4300 coins for Twilight Guide. That is totaly 8800 coins...

Hi Speedydust
I love how you state that you need 4,500 coins etc, wait until you get to my level of 61, your going to need a few 15,000's for one item and more 10,000's for another.... Trust me when I say take note of all the great comments above, you'll get a numb finger if you play on an iPad for as long as I've tried playing for the coins around the 5 levels.

If you can look for 3 flowers in each section your soon raise a few coins/gems/tickets to help you. I've just taken note of the ones I've found.... 94,000 so you can imagine the length of time I've played!! LOL

If you do need to sell any of your collection, try to save at least 5 of each one, yourll be surprised at how many your going to need. Don't sell food or tickets... A big no no...

Just take your time and enjoy the game.... You will get peed off with it a lot of times but persevere and your coinage will grow..
Good luck

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Re:Which items i can sell?

[Post New]by mamarose1900 on Jun 30, 15 6:12 AM
I have sold many items. I have a few rules I set for myself.

I don't sell unique stamps, airship items, pet food, or rare inventory items.

I don't sell below a certain amount, but it's hard to recommend a limit because that amount has changed as I've reached higher levels. The lowest I ever set was 20 for inventory items and 200 for the other three stamps. I prefer 50 and 500 as my lower limit, which is what I'm building back up to as I do HOS, etc. while waiting for the update.

I do sell off most of the extra special event items, once most of the people on my list have removed them from their wish lists.

By following my above rules, I've never run out of anything or had a problem continuing the game because I'd sold too much of something.

Good luck and have fun stormin' the castle.


Re:Which items i can sell?

[Post New]by SChris13742549 on Jun 30, 15 10:28 AM
Hi Speedydust, I'm one of your in-game friends!! I'm also on level 19 and am exactly the same place as you are!! Just before I reached this point I had quite a few coins, so I decided to try for the craft 30 items in 30 minutes achievement. Which was a huge mistake as it wiped out most of my inventory and coinage and I didn't make it The darn game cleared all of my progress after 30 min. ( I thought that they would start dropping off the end and I could make it up if I was quick enough) Anyway . . . I feel your pain! Nothing like that of the players in higher levels, but enough from our point of view!!

Have fun and enjoy!!
Chris 475122

Btw - if there is anything that you are in particularly dire need of shoot me a pm and I'll try to help if I can!! Though since we're on the same level I probably need the same!!


Re:Which items i can sell?

[Post New]by speedydust on Jul 1, 15 1:08 PM
What is ZZ?

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Re:Which items i can sell?

[Post New]by sbaker2318 on Jul 1, 15 1:10 PM
ZZ........zoom zone............like the burnt tree or the hanging monkey.


Re:Which items i can sell?

[Post New]by speedydust on Jul 2, 15 11:42 AM
I stoped playing Wheel of fortune and dice and i played HOS and earned 8800 coins and managed to progress further in game.


Re:Which items i can sell?

[Post New]by SChris13742549 on Jul 2, 15 12:45 PM
Another tip I picked up from another player in another thread (I apologize that I don't remember who and I can't find it!) is to accumulate double the amount of coins you need for any given quest. So no matter how many coins you start with, if a quest calls for you to open an area for $5000 then you need to accumulate $10000 before you proceed! I am definitely giving this a shot . . . for as long as my patience holds out!! Especially after reading about how many coins will be required as I progress!!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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Re:Which items i can sell?

[Post New]by General_hobojoe on Jul 2, 15 1:59 PM
One cannot over emphasize the importance of HOS........it is and does get taxing.....and the arduous rounds of no progress......except the sleeping giant.......your inventory cares........and if you block all other doings and happenings of quests and request....wammo an achievement will just pop out and your stamps will show how happy they are and your coinage....well.......let me tell ya.....straight to the moon.......and the pet food......geez.....need I say more?.....well ok,.....the marathon not a sprint event is the Castle.......in fact if your familure,.....an ultra-marathon is better the analogy......so go deep in a hole and don't come out for 10 days.....bathroom and food aside....don't come out.......gift your peeps, feed the pets for the fun...not alot but some.....sell nothing for a solid ten days and try to average 6-8 rounds of rooms a day........collect your flowers....do no quests......and I gurantee you will double all the coins and most inventory in your game......by far the way to see for yourself how Important the HOS HOS HOS HOS HOS bus rolls......or do what you want too....it is all ok.......LOL **D@NgeR**...out
I realize I know very little......however I've underestimated the accumilation of items as a result......more like triple....and that too is canservative in estimate.......the key is to maintain fun....so spin the wheel and craft an item or two that you can sell....just don't OVERDO......the items gained from the craft since no RED X anymore makes it some what lucrative...also the wheel sometimes has items of value either to sell or gift or stock up on......so BE SMART......have a respect as well as an edge......bad and good ying and yang......balance on the conservative side with an off the cuff out of the box triple twist........LOL....out

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Re:Which items i can sell?

[Post New]by BlazeDuskdreamer on Jul 2, 15 4:44 PM
The two things I find it safe to sell are the wand and crystal ball that are HOS cheats -- the wand that picks up the list and the crystal ball that highlights everything on list. I'm sure some use them for the tournaments but the HOS scenes don't have to be speedy and you're better off waiting for the hint if totally stuck and, hey, searching it out, helps you develop your hunting skills.

Everything else -- and I do mean everything else -- I hoard except that I do gift (too much) to friends who need them.

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Keep some wands

[Post New]by suzy1985 on Jul 7, 15 11:40 AM
This is an optional strategy for completing the Fast Focus Achievement. The first level is fairly easy. The second builds off the first but is a bit challenging for us 'slow clickers'. I needed more HOS then I could do to finish the last level, search 50 HOS in 30 min. I collected enough wands to just clear each HOS with wands. It takes 4 wands to completely clear most HOS. For example, If you still need 20 more HOS then collect at least 80 wands, a couple more since some HOS have 22 items to find. I was able to complete the achievement this way. There are lots of other strategies in the forum, this is just one to keep in mind if you don't click fast enough to clear them the regular way.
Suzy 1985

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Which items i can sell?

[Post New]by Ironamber on Jul 8, 15 10:44 AM
speedydust wrote:Which items from my inventory i can sell and are not needed in game?
I am lv.19 and i need coins to progress further in game.

It's probably easier to list what items NOT to sell, cuz you'll need them over and over and over, especially in the 40's! These are Immortal Treasure, Crystal of Twilight, Banner of Loyalty, Devil's Glove, Mask of Virtue, Wreath of Justice, and Grasping Handle; there just never seems to be enough of these.

Other items used a lot, especially if you do the daily quests, are The Fungus Among Us, Eight-Pointed Star, Torch, Murderer's Eye, Winged Amulet, Rune Stone, Forged Key, Shard of Soul, Polestar, Links of Steel, Bear's Fury, Smashing Rune, Raven's Eye.

As for the rest of the items, decide how many you want to keep on hand and NEVER let it slip below that number. The best way to accumulate coins (and inventory) is to play the HOS's again and again and again and yet again. Patience and Perseverance Pay Off; this is a game that is all about the long run, not instant gratification.

Hope this helps, and happy gaming!

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