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Handy tips for anyone still playing

[Post New]by JulieJay on Jun 28, 15 12:52 PM

unlock - this opens all game modes e.g. freeplay, increases your spell magic to 100%, use as often as you like.

fantastic - stuck in a game, running out of time, got nothing but boring peacock feathers to collect? this will finish your level.

bank - will increase your funds by £5,000 each time you type it.

D = dig
M = move
P = pause
R = remove
S = seed panel opens

Play freeplay WITHOUT THE RATS!

Dig yourself some soil patches (however many you want), using the unlock code apply some rain. Do not plant any seeds otherwise the rats will come.

Go do your dishes/washing/make the tea or use the bank code and build up your farm with anything you want and fill your machines and feed your animals using the spells (keep using the unlock code).

You'll no doubt get that envelope in the corner with an order but ignore it until you can start planting.

As soon as your cat asks for some milk... you're good to start planting. Don't ever give the cat milk throughout your game otherwise the rats will come!

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