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Episode Completed vs. Available

[Post New]by Jinnare on Jun 29, 15 12:34 AM
When on the screen to select an episode, I see that some of my played episodes (primarily the early ones) show "Episode Completed" under the picture in green lettering. Most of the episodes show "Available" under the picture in yellow lettering. It doesn't make any difference if I've completed it in expert time or not. I've also made sure that I've done the things mentioned underneath the listing of items to be harvested (petted the animals, rearranged things, bought another cow or sheep, etc.), and that didn't have any affect either.

Does anyone have any idea what the difference is between the two distinctions? The "Episode Completed" ones aren't locked or anything. I can still go in and replay them.

I know that the game is old, and I'm not sure if anyone is still hanging around here, but I'd really like to know the answer to this dilemma. If anyone can help me, I'd appreciate it. This is the sort of thing that is really inconsequential but bugs the heck out of ya!

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