clock hand

[Post New]by carolq47 on Jun 29, 15 11:13 AM
SG says to give the clock hand to Francis. Francis is not awake. How do I get the water to make the potion. Hint keeps wanting me to take the chip and give it to the mirror or Francis. No can do help...Went to Francis but it gives me the same hint. Actually it gives me the same hint everywhere.

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Re:clock hand

[Post New]by MarnieRose on Jun 29, 15 11:18 AM
You use the jug of water for the potion. I had it for awhile before this and I can't remember where it came from but check back in the strategy guide for where you get the jug of water. Once you revive francis, then you can give him what he needs and move on. I hope this helps a little!

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