another hints not working

[Post New]by devilangel223 on Jun 29, 15 2:44 PM
I need to go to the graveyard to place the angel. I have 3 hints and playing in casual mode. Hint does nothing and there is nothing on the map. Graveyard is not on the map. Help please!

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Re:another hints not working

[Post New]by 9otters on Jun 29, 15 9:17 PM
I don't know where you are in the game, so I hope this helps.

Before the bird can be placed, you'll need a brush with tree sap.

The map in this game is made in pages according to the chapters. If the graveyard does not show up, it's probable that you are on the next chapter's map.

If you keep backing out of where you are, you should eventually get to the map page with the graveyard. You can't be very far if you still have to get the bird in place.

I seem to recall the map changes once you leave the river/lake. So...if you get back to the area where the road divides, back up one more time and you will be at the river. Back out of the river, and you'll be in the graveyard.

Hope this gets you on your way. Good luck.

edit: I have to correct myself. The map changes when you LEAVE the scene where the road divides. The road, the lake, and the cemetery are all on one map page.

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Re:another hints not working

[Post New]by amendes on Jul 2, 15 3:14 AM
My hints are working now...I clicked on maps, saw I missed a game, went back & completed it, all set. Good to go.

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