Puzzle 6

[Post New]by Dominguez2000 on Jun 30, 15 7:36 PM
I can't get past puzzles 6 and 15. I got a master farmer and taught him how to fish, but that didn't do anything for puzzle (milestone) 6. And I've been digging in the sand between the food bin and the temple but can't get puzzle 15 licked. Anybody know what to do? I'd hate to give up now with just these two puzzles left undone. Thanks!


Re:Puzzle 6

[Post New]by cmomeo5 on Aug 25, 15 3:23 PM
I had the same problem with the fish thing and eventually it came on so be a little patient, For the treasure it is to the left of the temple and under the food tray just I would say about 2-3 inches down from there. If you see a dark rock like substance on the corner of the temple stone move your master builder to the left of that slowly and soon he or she will start digging.
Do you have #4 puzzle? I can not get it, I don;t know what it is? Any help?

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