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Stuck on chapter 9 Dark Waters

[Post New]by Pruedence on Jul 1, 15 8:46 AM
Hello! I need some help, because I am stuck on Chapter 9, Dark Waters. It says that I should find a lead to follow, but I don't know what kind of lead they mean. I also have another problem with the game. First the Hint button doesn't work properly all the time, secondly there's supposed to be sounds and music in the game, but there is nothing. It seems to be mute, no matter what I do. There is a box in the beginning, the options where it gives me the offer to mute it if I don't want any sounds in the game, But I know that I didn't check that box, because I like the sounds and the music it should be given. Please help me somebody with this and tell what the problem is so that I can solve it.


Re:Stuck on chapter 9 Dark Waters

[Post New]by showalterbj on Nov 7, 15 11:16 AM
Here's where I went wrong. In the conference room, you are to collect evidence of a fight. Then you will get pieces to a map. After assembling the map, I failed to click on the wagon wheel marker on the map. As a result, I was blocked. My only choice was to create a new profile and start the game from the beginning.

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