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Bird puzzle in Bonus Round

[Post New]by GaPeach1981 on Jul 1, 15 10:47 PM
I've matched the code exactly with the correct position of the birds but nothing happens...checked strategy guide and it has a different solution. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?



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Re:Bird puzzle in Bonus Round

[Post New]by 9otters on Jul 2, 15 12:18 AM
I never checked the strategy guide. I just used the code from the screen.

top row: bird forward, bird facing left, bird facing right

second row: bird facing left, bird facing right, bird facing forward.

The chest opened before I even chose the last one on the bottom row, because it was already in the forward position.

Is it the game on the chest? Right now I don't remember another bird game in the bonus.


Re:Bird puzzle in Bonus Round

[Post New]by grilla75 on Jul 3, 15 4:10 AM
If we are talking about the same puzzle - what was on my screen was not was you described (and I was entering). I entered your description and it worked! Thanks for that - frustrating though, checked it many times and it just wouldn't open

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