Game did`nt save my progress

[Post New]by candyaplekis on Jul 11, 09 8:22 PM
Hi everyone, I played the free trial and loved the game so I bought it, when I went back to the game to continue to play it started me at the beginning again.I just need to know if I need to do something to save my progress or should the game do that for me.

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Re:Game did`nt save my progress

[Post New]by Rebeca_Lily on Jul 11, 09 9:28 PM
I have at least 3 games which play properly on other computers, but on my computer the auto-save doesn't work. The tech team tried to solve this problem, but failed. It's something in the computer which "closes" the auto-save.

Try to download the game on another computer you have, and see if it works right. If it does - you can't play this game, or can - by minimizing it on the desktop.

Contact Customer Support, and try with them to solve the problem.

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