Dept 42

[Post New]by phebes on Jul 12, 09 7:27 AM
Love the game and will probabaly buy it but I cannot get the code to open the mirror in the please !


Re:Dept 42

[Post New]by bobbiegirl55 on Jul 12, 09 7:32 AM
I am so frustrated with the brass plate/moon puzzle! I will NOT buy this game until there is a walk through. This started out to be a pretty comfortable, fun game and has ended up in a huge frustration. Guess my level of "gamer" just isn't up to this one.

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Re:Dept 42

[Post New]by HighlandMax on Jul 12, 09 10:13 AM
Calm down.......all will be OK.........the code is 263, and click the check mark.

The moon puzzle........answer is given to you there in the cave.......look on the back wall of the cave, and follow the drawings as they appear starting at left and going right.

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