Ugh! What happened?

[Post New]by EffieTrinket on Jul 4, 15 11:17 AM
So, I downloaded it just today. On the second restaurant day, a woman asked for eggs+ some brown mushroom- looking thing. I couldn't get the egg of the pan, or pick up the brown thing! Maybe I just made a dumb mistake? Could anyone tell me what happened ?

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Re:Ugh! What happened?

[Post New]by Janette5 on Jul 5, 15 3:10 AM
You click on the egg and it will go into the pan.
Once it is ready - it changes slightly - then you click on it and click on the slice of mushroom that is on your counter a little distance from the pan.
Then they will appear in your tray together.

If you are doing that and it isn't working then it would be a technical problem and not something you are doing. I'd then suggest to reinstall the game or to contact technical support.

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