Paris France

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The ballet rehearsing room when you've taken all of the required pictures and collected all the evidence you exit and go speak to the policeman so you can leave and that's where I'm stuck.when I speak to gage policeman I get end of conversation. Can't gosh rough the door. Nicole says she still needs to investigate, but everything has been done. If you can he'll I would appreciate it.

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[Post New]by CHCGAMER on Jul 8, 15 4:16 PM
After collecting all items from both drawers take 2 pics of dansuse{one of body then
in close-up a pic of her mouth. Then a pic of doll on floor. Use cotton & matchstick
{in inventory} & in close-up to get swab of crystals on her mouth. Go out to guard to get a pencil & check fuse box. Discuss this with guard. Go back to room & pick up
broom near door. Go in to window & take a pic of fingerprint then in inventory combine pencil with stapler to get
charcoal, put on this on paper and in close-up put charcoal on window fingerprint.} now use tape on fingerpring & put this on paper. Next, click on broom to get stick &
in close-up use stick on upper window. take pic of mark on upper window. On floor where the x shines, in close-up, use
pipe cleaner to lift floorboard and take picture of lettered board then place in bag.
Leave room, you will have 6 pictures. Leave the room and speak once more to the
policeman. Hope this helps "brookstone".

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