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level 7 . 2

[Post New]by crusades on Jul 6, 15 12:09 AM
As I only ever have 2 misses achieved so far in this level I cannot get past and finish. I wish there was a skip button. Also how do you get power ups? i.e. sun ??
I find this level very difficult as so many singles etc.

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Re:level 7 . 2

[Post New]by dbendr on Aug 4, 15 1:36 PM
I have the same problem with this level and can't get the sun power up active.

I played Fantasy Mosaics 9 all the way to the end without being able to activate any power ups at all, just using hints and logic. Mac version for both games. FM 9 mentions a hammer which was also unavailable.

I've clicked everywhere looking for a way to activate the sun, but it's grayed out. Others have mentioned this problem in the forums of other games in this series. This is a defect that Big Fish should address. Is it platform specific?

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