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Detective Riddles: Sherlock's Heritage 2

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Jul 6, 15 12:29 AM
The Sherlock followers club is opening a new case! A villain is at large again, and the lives of law-abiding citizens are under threat! They need you to solve 120 unique detective riddles and use logic and deduction to free the city from this looming danger! Solve all nonograms and save the citizens!

However, this might not be as easy as it appears! You're going to have to use all the True Detective skills you have, but the work isn't thankless! Collect gold stars and coins with each nonogram you complete. Can you earn the respect of Sherlock himself?

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Re:Detective Riddles: Sherlock's Heritage 2

[Post New]by bribling on Jul 6, 15 12:41 PM
I have not tried it yet. That said, I love Nonograms but I own one or two similar to this game (same Dev?) and I found them mostly disappointing. My all-time favorite Nonogram game was made by Lobstersoft. It was beautiful and challenging and thoroughly enjoyable. Unfortunately Lobstersoft never finished the sequal This Dev might look at that game and a few others for ideas on how to make these games colorful and enjoyable rather than just boring and tedious. It's really a fun kind og puzzle game and I would love to see some improvements in these.

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