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Tips and Tricks for Kuros!

[Post New]by bfgEuphrates on Jul 13, 09 1:06 PM
Hi Fishies,

Here are some tips and tricks to help you in Kuros! Feel free to add your own to help everyone else finish the game!

Use Your Mouse – You will need to draw and recreate symbols from glyphstones in multiple realms, so a mouse will be very helpful! If you don’t have a mouse though, you can always use the touchpad on your laptop to complete the drawings.

Silhouette Circles
– Small silhouette circles will appear next to any location that has a member of the Brotherhood you must visit, so you can definitely look for those icons if you aren’t sure where you need to return to.

Blue Haze
– You will get a blue haze around a correct symbol when recreating the glyphs sequences, so keep a look out for them! That way you know when your symbol is correct, and you can hurry to save the rest of Kuros!

Happy gaming and best of luck!


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Re:Tips and Tricks for Kuros!

[Post New]by Margie413 on Jul 20, 09 10:22 AM
is there a tip or trick to get past where the guardian gives you the last map piece. when i go to the next area i can't advance because its telling me i only have 9 map pieces. thanks

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