mouse in hidden puzzle?

[Post New]by finou314 on Jul 8, 15 1:00 AM
I am stuck on the hidden object puzzle outside the old man's house (the one where you get the fishing net). I need to find a mouse. Unfortunately, the mouse is behind the menu at the bottom of the screen so I can't actually click on it (it's behind the bar that lists the items you are supposed to find.) I know it's there because 1) the hint keeps circling that area and 2) that's where the walkthrough also says it is. However, all I can see above the menu is the top of the mug that the mouse is in. Anyway, basically, the mouse is too far down on the screen for me to select it. I'm playing on an iPhone so maybe the screen is too small? Is there anyway around this? otherwise, I guess I'm stuck

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