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[Post New]by tramserran on Jul 8, 15 12:32 PM
I have been hoarding my BP items for the past 2 months so I could try for one or more Legends Trophys. I decided that this week I would attempt Researcher, Collector, and Patron of Creatures. I will not place 1st in any of these categories this week.

I'm ok with the fact that I tried and did not succeed, however, I am frustrated that someone would wait until 3 hours before the timer reaches 00:00:00 to assemble all of their artifacts. May I add that this person has previously received Legends TWICE. I think it is unfair and discourteous to the other players to wait until the last minute. Give other players a chance!
Now I can empathize with Xystus - who ended up quitting RoM.

Please remember that RoM is a game - a form of entertainment.
All I ask is that everyone play fairly so it can be enjoyable for ALL players

I will continue to play and perhaps attempt one or more Legend Trophys in a few months because I love this game!

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[Post New]by starmagicgreen on Jul 9, 15 6:04 PM

I think everyone understands your frustration, but in the final analysis, its a game. The Legends Trophy's are a competition, they don't have to be, but you have to be open to the "probability" of a competition or a competitive play. With a competition comes strategy.

My thought about this last week ( for what its worth) is this:

The put up was 500+, for almost the entire week. The opening was there for any takers. I thought about going for the win, but didn't want to come up short, so I chose not to. You made a decision to go for it, with I believe, a day and a half left to go. You ranked first but left yourself open for someone to come "" it from you. You were not that far ahead. Then someone did.

My thought is you needed a thousand to win it. The player that won it I believe had that, correct? I went for this category once and a player just wouldn't let me win it, either. Even tho, they had a win and didn't need it for a Legends trophy.

Its a lesson learned. Next time you'll do better. Hang in there neighbor!

Edit: I'm editing this post to let you know I never had the 1000 I believe is always needed to be competitive for the win. You may want to do some homework before you go in again.

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[Post New]by tramserran on Jul 10, 15 1:04 AM
Thank you to everyone that PM'd me. I had many, many, many PM's with the same frustration from their past experiences!

Thank you Star for replying and for your helpful tips. Originally, I was just trying for Patron of Creatures, but realized that my placement was pretty high from all of the playing I did so thought I would attempt Researcher & Collector. I had 850 artifacts saved up and 350k XP plus everything I earned while playing. I will keep in mind the goal for 1000 artifacts.

The frustration was NOT because I didn't take 1st place. I'm ok with that.
The frustration is that legends IS a competition and to have a player that wasn't "competing" at all during the week decide at the last minute to assemble all of their artifacts in order to take 1st place isn't a fair competitor. I don't consider that to be "strategy" - I consider that to be cutthroat and uncompetitive.
It is a week-long competition. It is fun when someone tops your score ... and then you try to top their score ... and you go back and forth until someone finally wins. That is a competition worth playing. Let's play to HAVE FUN!

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