Pb of a virus when installing the game

[Post New]by Vulcane on Aug 29, 08 8:18 AM
Good afternoon,

I'd like to play again with this game that's very interesting and I liked the atmosphere but I have a big problem :

When I'm installing the game I have my Kapersky anti-virus said that there is a trojan "Armadillo"

What can I do and someone could help me to find the good version of the install game ?

Thank you very much for your quick response.



Re:Pb of a virus when installing the game

[Post New]by RavenBeauty on Sep 3, 08 1:47 PM
I bought Mystic Inn from Real Arcade when it first came out in 2006...It had no Trojans and none have been picked up by my symantec virus scanner...Maybe try uninstalling it do scan disk and clean up on your pc and try re installing it...I was always taught to not just try 1 virus scan program if something has been detected...There are many free online scan virus programs you can try..If more than 1 says yes there's a trojan then you can bet there is..


Re:Pb of a virus when installing the game

[Post New]by jomarcenter on Apr 13, 10 10:04 PM
what website do you get Kapersky anti-virus sometime there fake Kapersky anti-virus a.k.a, created a fake copy
so go to www.kaspersky.com for a real anti-virus
or use better anti-virus like avast
avast anti-virus www.avast.com is very safe and non fake making
why avast
becuse it used very fast scan that can be good before the virus spread
and it had a sound so if you away from your computer you know they found a virus so quickly so choese avast and big fish games.game was daily scan from mcafee so it safe

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