Same person or not?

[Post New]by sary96 on Jul 9, 15 2:27 AM
Hi guys... I have a little question based on my experiences with every MCF series.
I noticed that "Art the Carny" in Madame Fate and Fate's Carnival appeared in Prime Suspect as "Innocent" (plus: Art the Carny name was his AKA).my question is: are they actually the same person? thanks for any replies (and sorry for any bad english).

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Re:Same person or not?

[Post New]by lorelei25 on Aug 24, 15 9:35 PM
I'm going to have to go back and play both 'Prime Suspect' and 'Madame Fate'...
It's quite possible... - although I know I didn't notice this before you posted about it.

More soon... (ETA the weekend)
Thanks for spotting this!


Re:Same person or not?

[Post New]by sary96 on Nov 12, 15 9:03 PM
Thanks so much ..really appreciate it.
this whole story of MCF surely got the best interrest of me.

in this case of "Art the Carny", I've tried to re-emaging the story line would be like this (just block the lines if u wanna read it, and if u found any kind of grammar mistake, just tell me ):

When in the "Prime Suspect", Carny found himself stucked with Master Detective (Let's make it into an abreviation for short: MDet) after what he did just in the same time when the Queen Diamond was stolen. And we can see in his crime scenes that he was working with The Carnival since the very beginning.
In the end of his case, MDet decided that Carny had no relation to the robbery, but he was still be arrested for another one, because the inspection that MDet got directed that Carny had stole some roller coaster parts in Fate's Carnival.
After his arrestment, Carny back to The Carnival for some reasons. And that's when MDet came back for another case, for the call of "Madame Fate".
and from that time we know that Carny would died by his own cigars as Madame Fate predicted. When MDet finally can reveal his/her own demise, Charles Dalimar came with his purpose to kill Madame Fate, as she was his father's foe since her possesion to the Ball of Fate. And also with him, a threat followed.
In "Fate's Carnival", MDet returned for the sake of truth, when MDet finally found his/her arch-nemesis's root, Alister Dalimar. And there where Art the Carny have found dead by his own modified-wheel.
But, I'm still not sure what caused him to refuse to work with Dalimar untill he deserved that kind of ending. is it because he wanted kill Madame Fate by his own hand, or he just didn't took any care to everything that related to magic and such till he hate her sibblings or foes. Still dunno, though...

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