the fish reseraunt

[Post New]by melanie8790 on Jul 15, 09 5:05 PM
i cant not get past the 4th level on the 3rd restaraunt can some one please give me some tips


Re:the fish reseraunt

[Post New]by CinWins on Aug 15, 09 7:35 PM
The easiest way to beat (and get Expert score) on most levels is the podium; you can stand there "all day", until you get enough compatible customers in line. Always try to fill your tables with compatible customers so they don't get mad as quickly and seat them in order of how long it takes them to order/eat. That way you can hit the tables quickly then hurry back to the podium after each run (ie - take/hang orders, podium, deliver food, podium, land check, podium, etc)

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