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Tips and Tricks for Many Years Ago

[Post New]by bfgCelebes on Jul 16, 09 8:30 AM
Never forget a task – Click on the Task button in the top left corner to see what needs to be done next and exactly which materials are needed for the job.

Carry one at a time – When it comes to picking anything up off of the ground (hides, gems, flowers) your villagers can only pick one thing up at a time. If you click on an item on the ground, make sure that villager picks the item up and drops it off at its proper location before they pick up another item or perform another task.

Don’t fret over needs – Your villagers need to eat, sleep, drink and socialize. While it’s important that they’re happy, they also know when to perform these functions on their own. While they can die, don’t worry too much about guiding them to their needs – just make sure that they have food to eat, heal them when they're sick and check up on them every so often.

Feel free to add your own Tips and Tricks here!

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Re:Tips and Tricks for Many Years Ago

[Post New]by Avalon2 on Jul 19, 09 8:39 AM
Only Build What You Need. If building another swing set in the kindergarten, be careful where you place it. I built two swing sets just to see if I could ... didn't think about where the second one should be built ..... and locked the leader in the kindergarten! Their only way out is blocked by the swing set.

Dummy dummy me .... guess I'll start over again and this time keep the swing sets to a minimum.

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