BIG saving problem on Mac

[Post New]by centrifuga on Jul 16, 09 10:11 AM
I have bought the game after trying the demo, and I have a big problem: the game simply doesn't save... so everytime I quit the game it makes me start from the beginning.

I have a Mac Intel...

I updated my flash version and I have the updated firmware etc etc... I don't know what to do I can't play... did this happen to someone else? Can someone help me?

thank you in advance


Re:BIG saving problem on Mac

[Post New]by TheFabMissJ on Jul 19, 09 7:42 PM
I have a mac too and it did the same thing for me. I'm not sure if maybe it's a glitch they're working on before it comes to Big Fish but I sure hope so! Speaking of.. anyone know when this game will be out for mac at bfg?


Re:BIG saving problem on Mac

[Post New]by janineusa on Feb 7, 10 7:00 PM
I have the same problem; considering that this problem was posted 6 months ago, and it is now February 2010, Big Fish has done nothing to resolve this? Disappointing...


Re:BIG saving problem on Mac

[Post New]by Mthrsuperior on Mar 28, 10 12:12 AM
Same problem here. =(

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