Level 53

[Post New]by junco66 on Jul 11, 15 3:31 PM
In what order do you push the levers down to get all the crystals up at the same
time. I see this was an earlier question, but it has been locked.

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Re:Level 53

[Post New]by foondoon on Aug 22, 15 7:45 PM
I managed to tie 3 of the levers in the down position with the ropes. Now I have no ropes and a mirror to the left of the scene. If I click on the mirror, the heroine says "I don't know where this mirror goes".

I need a red key to unlock one section of the game boards, but where do you get the red key ?


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Re:Level 53

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Oct 13, 15 6:55 AM
Hopefully both of you figured it out by now but in case you haven't (sorry for late response, I only just got this game a few days ago...) -

[edited, strategy update] Go into the crystal room and pull down the 2 levers with the keys on them to unlock some of the M3 board arrows. The first three ropes aren't hard to get. The fourth rope is in a puzzle piece that's floating in the air by itself in a "locked" part of a room. You have to find a mana bottle somewhere in the level to get your spells charged up. Then use your spells (I used the bomb) to break out the boxes holding up the puzzle piece and/or use the wizard that removes boxes until the puzzle piece falls all the way to the bottom so you can get the 4th rope. Go back to the crystal room and tie down the levers. This gives you another key to get to another part of the M3 board. Find a HO scene magnifying glass and get the large crystal from there. Put the large crystal onto the large stand and spin the gears until enough of the crystals light up so you can figure out where to place the mirror (there will be a light beam pointing at a spot in the room). You should be able to figure the rest out from there.

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