Stuck on Mango Butter

[Post New]by xoisme2002 on Jul 17, 09 7:27 PM
Hi, I am stuck on a quest that wants a product made with Mango Butter. But Mango Butter has not yet been released for me to use. Now I am stuck because none of the other cities will give me a quest or anything. How am I supposed to get Mango Butter or am I stuck for good? Please help!


Re:Stuck on Mango Butter

[Post New]by chaunesia on Jan 8, 10 12:41 PM
did u ever get or find the mango butter

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Re:Stuck on Mango Butter

[Post New]by tashdupuis on Apr 6, 10 1:41 PM
as am i... have you figured it out yet?


Re:Stuck on Mango Butter

[Post New]by dianaincognito on May 10, 10 4:54 PM
Mango Butter can be found in Bangalore, India. The passage to Bangalore is through Kilkenny, Ireland.

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