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Hidden Object Games

[Post New]by pdcagirl on Jul 12, 15 12:16 PM
do not like HO games much so look for games that either do not have same, limit them or find creative ways to use them. Recently bought Criminal Minds, tried it and during trial did not seem to use the HO files very much. After purchase and playing for awhile am now discovering that everytime I do anything in the game, the next event will be a HO event. It is to the point now where no matter what I do, the next event will be another HO one. Am so tired of this type of misdirection in the game have stopped playing it altogether.

My question is how can one ever judge from a trial of a game how much HO events will be disrupting the play in a game. One no sooner gets involved in the story line and eager to progress on when here come yet another HO trial to go through.

Is there some secret to making a judgment on a game as to how much it is riddled with HO events? Would appreciate any experiences anyone has had with HO events.

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