Summoning Stones????

[Post New]by Betty196594 on Jul 13, 15 9:39 PM
I have just started playing Agency 33 and have accumulated several summoning stones, but not sure how to use them. Can anyone tell me how and when to use the stones? Either I'm doing something wrong or they are not working. If someone could enlighten me just a little, I would certainly appreciate it.


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Re:Summoning Stones????

[Post New]by klfrr on Jul 13, 15 11:37 PM
My post from another thread:

That's a typo in the game. It's supposed to read "Cube Anomaly", which is the cube puzzle.

The summoning stone (whistle) summons the cube puzzle (floating stones tied together with strings) that normally appears every 24 hrs. If you use the summoning stone, the cube puzzle will appear immediately. The best time to use the stones are soon after the cube puzzle regularly occurs. Use one summoning stone, then go look for the cube puzzle. If you click more than once, you will still only get one puzzle, thus losing your stones. That is, if your cube puzzle is working.

That being said, some people are experiencing a glitch and the cube puzzle will not appear (the timer doesn't count down). We are awaiting an update to fix the glitch. If that is the case, then just save your summoning stones for the time being.

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