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[Post New]by ubydudy on Jul 18, 09 3:54 PM
Why do you allow games where there is no option to by-pass the puzzles? I don't buy games
so I can get just so far and not be able to finish the game. Swore I would never buy another one
that didn't by-pass puzzles and since ME Moonlight did and I really like the game a lot, I bought this one before I realized it was different. If there is no way to get by the faucet puzzle that I have spent the
last hour on I am going to campaign for my money back. I had just bought the game and two minutes later that puzzle came up and I can't go any further. Makes me soooooooooo mad. If anyone can
help me I would really appreciate it.

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[Post New]by irishgreen on Jul 18, 09 4:47 PM
For the pipe puzzle and any other help
there is the all game forums tab for tips and other posts on this game.

On gamezebo under tips and tricks for this game there is a screen shot (you can enlarge) of how this show look completed.

Hope this helps--happy gaming

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