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Hilarious French Fails

[Post New]by KimchiGoddess on Jul 14, 15 9:05 AM
First, I love that we are celebrating Bastillle Day ! I'm French, but live in Japan and so missed the fireworks.

While there were a couple of "typo-style" mistakes (Viva la France instead of Vive la France; moi instead of mon; a missing accent in affamé; even a double 'me' usage in English), one really took the gâteau (cake).

Vous êtes très généreux is a polite way of saying 'you are really fat'. C'est très généreux - it's (or that's) very generous - is I'm sure what you mean. If you really want to include something like 'it's/that's very generous of you' then you can say 'c'est très généreux de votre part'. This also avoids the issue that if the bushwhacker is female, it would be vous êtes très généreuse.

It made me laugh, I loved it, thank you BW2 !


Re:Hilarious French Fails

[Post New]by princessadani on Jul 16, 15 6:48 PM
The Maginot Line?!

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