Level 3-11 gold response

[Post New]by aphrahannah on Jul 14, 15 3:18 PM
The thread has been locked, but I thought I should respond anyway as I had come here looking for help on that level. I finally got there! I only played this technique once, so don't have crazy specifics, but here's the gist of it.
Main tip: keep all the bears! I bought 5 sheep and 1 goose. I collected 20 wool (immediately start making the dresses) and then sold the sheep. As soon as I had made the 20th dress I bought the bear dressing room and upgraded it once. Now sell your dressed up bears until you can buy a cow. You want to get 3 cows altogether, more will come later. Make 7 cement and sell the goose. Make 30 sponges before buying the cake machine. Upgrade the cake machine twice and start producing cakes. As soon as you hit the 100k mark from selling bears and granite, buy more cows (I had 8) and upgrade the granite machine twice.

Hope that helps anyone else who is stuck.

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