chest in bonus round

[Post New]by lazzer69 on Jul 15, 15 9:53 AM
Hi I have matched the code for the birds on the chest but nothing happens. I have checked with the diagram and I think I have them right.
Please help any one.

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Re:chest in bonus round

[Post New]by 9otters on Jul 23, 15 4:27 AM
I just noticed you didn't get a reply. I'm probably way too late, but this is the solution that worked for me.

Top row: Bird facing forward, bird facing left, bird facing right

Second row: Bird facing left, bird facing right, bird facing forward

The chest opened up before I even got to the last bird on the second row because it was already in the right position.


Re:chest in bonus round

[Post New]by Ccaromino on Aug 27, 15 11:30 AM
thanks for the question AND the help, the picture in the "memos" is really wrong . And the strategy guide doesn't work either.

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