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[Post New]by luby1955 on Jul 16, 15 3:28 AM
wis the key and the wight please

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[Post New]by jcsgame on Jul 16, 15 9:09 AM
Hi luby:

-------------SPOILER ALERT----------------------------

Find the rock that is to be lifted - "dungon" floor
Use the Crowbar (shovel) to lift the rock
Use the Crowbar again to get the Key and the weight in that same area (Make sure you grab both the weight and the key; do NOT leave that area where you lifted the rock unless you have both the key and the weight OR you will NOT be able to go back)

Later in the game you will get 2 more weights:
One weight is in Anthony's Study
One weight is in the Library -- use the ladder on the right side of the library to access the drawers. You will need a middle drawer key to get the weight.

Hope this helps you

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