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stuck in the fire pit

[Post New]by eirini51 on Jul 20, 09 2:07 PM
I just cannot find the rod in this puzzle. I used all my hammers and cannot find the silly thing. I am so frustrated. Can anybody shine any light on the matter?


Re:stuck in the fire pit

[Post New]by Splash09 on Jul 20, 09 8:04 PM
hey - I found the rod - after using a hammer on the shorter mound to the right of the screen, you HAVE to watch for it cuz it resembles the hammer handle immensely.
Also it takes about the same amount of time for it to appear as did the other items in the other mounds.... (wait after you strike your hammer, watch carefully)
GOOD LUCK, I'm playing right along with ya.................I'm stuck on another level, need to find 10 crystals to take back to Oakbeard.........JUST cAN'T find the 10th one for anything--- Splash09

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Re:stuck in the fire pit

[Post New]by hilariam on Jul 23, 09 7:15 AM
I'm stuck at the Hearth of Burning Power. Have used up all my hammers, and can see sparkles at the mid right hand side. Have collected all items except the bar. Any clues as to where I can find the last hammer?

Thank you

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