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Installation and mouse control

[Post New]by sunny64 on Aug 30, 08 7:50 PM
I know this has been mentioned previously and this was one answer from BFG tech for a member. The reply has been somewhat buried. Try Firefox 3 as your browser. Some of these problems may be a browser problem or perhaps it may mean you may need an upgrade in a graphic card or additional memory. At my age, the blue screen of death comes with some anxiety. I upgraded my graphic card, RAM memory and can now play games that previously froze.

I'm not a tech person, can't even say I wade on the fringes, however when I uninstalled and reinstalled the untimed and time mode through Firefox 3, all problems were eliminated. I did not have previous problems with loading and unloading and now the mouse is totally stable. Previously, I could not even finish the genie game downloaded through IE6 with the instability of the mouse.

Hope this may help.

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