[Post New]by upsysydaisy on Jul 22, 15 7:25 PM
I am fairly new with using the forum. I am having problem with Dark Tales Fall of the House of Usher but cannot very well get help if everything is locked and please explain to me why. Any help is appreciated! Being so desperately stuck right off the bat is driving me nuts! I believe it is a game malfunction. Thanks, Upsysydaisy.

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[Post New]by Meandy40 on Sep 29, 15 6:13 PM
I know how frustrating this is and I have been a long time member of Big Fish. It doesn't do any good to complain because you will be told to just start a anew thread. This doesn't make sense to me when there is already a thread featuring the problem I am having but of course since it is locked It can't be accessed. Grrrr.

I would go ahead and start a new thread/discussion with the problem you are having. I am trying to figure out how to get past the circle puzzle in Estelle's room and I know others are stuck there too.


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