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Dream of Mirrors - Game freezes

[Post New]by Silka on Jul 23, 09 10:00 PM
Everytime I place the last Tarot card on the mirror the game freezes. I've reinstalled it several times. I tried one player's suggestion of exiting the game just before I place the cards and the same thing happens--a flash of light, cards disappear, mirror goes to black and white mode, cursor does a couple of slow jerky movements and freezes. I'm forced to ctl-alt-del to end the game. I log off completely, start the game and you know the rest.

Any suggestions??? Please help! I've 2 more to go!!!

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Re:Dream of Mirrors - Game freezes

[Post New]by Mr_Russ on Jul 24, 09 2:55 AM
This is a technical problem that you seem to share with someone else in this forum. Click on the green envelope then click on the Contact us link for BFG technical help.

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