Rome Level 115

[Post New]by bdnewell on Jul 23, 15 11:14 AM
Anyone have any tips for this one? I can't get it no matter what.....

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Re:Rome Level 115

[Post New]by yarnycakes on Jul 23, 15 1:00 PM
Do what you can to clear tiles, then focus on yellow matches once the color collectors show up

The usual advice of creating line zippers, blasts, and lightning bolts also applies

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Re:Rome Level 115

[Post New]by Porjoe on Jul 24, 15 11:14 PM
yada yada.. like they said, get as much as much possible down to the bottom. And yeah, it takes a lot to just get that far, but keep an eye on the souvenirs and make sure you get all of them on the board and in the lower section.
Several of the souvenirs will be blocked by the bombs. Now go ahead an spend some cash and use the shovel to kill the bombs to release the souvenirs.

BTW... be sure to check you have an adequate score before you spend the coins on the shovels.

I think my final play cost me 7 shovels.

Now.... when you get all that done, help me with level 119. Part 1 and 2 are tuff, but I'm stuck at the 3rd part.... ;-)

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