Saw blade handle

[Post New]by Colleen91304 on Jul 23, 15 12:58 PM
I am in the castle. I have the saw blade, but missed the handle in the well prior to entering the castle. I am unable to return to the well to obtain the handle to the saw blade. I am unable to progress any further in the game. The hint button brings the saw blade up, but I have no handle to attach. Thank you for any help.

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Re:Saw blade handle

[Post New]by ganonsbane on Jul 23, 15 4:18 PM
I don't know how much progress you've made in making the Waking Potion for Drake but if you continue, eventually, you can get back to the Well with the Handle. You don't have to use the Saw to get back.

When you exit the Kitchen through a back door. You'll be in a Garden with the Skull Gate and Herbs & Flowers that you need for the Waking Potion for Drake. When you are in that Garden, move you Cursor to the Bottom of the Screen & click the Back Arrow. I think that will take you to the Castle Courtyard with the Well.


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