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way to win level 11

[Post New]by Mrdenis on Jul 23, 15 6:21 PM
after having a problem getting the stones to be credited. I saw someone here say to cut the trees, upgrade the bank. so I did that also upgraded all building except the workshop. I sent out each load with only 10 per trip. this worked fine because the game accepted that. it seems if you upgrade the workshop it put a glich in the program and no one can finish the level. so don't upgrade the workshop. the only problem with that is that you lose time and can't finish the level in time to get 2 or more stars. but at least the level will be completed. hope this helps everyone.


Re:way to win level 11

[Post New]by tbushpurr on Dec 8, 15 1:23 PM
I finally got three stars by one worker to cut trees the other to pick up stuff, improve the bank,the quarry, the castle, hire one worker, improve the bank again if needed...use only the transport not forget to get the production potion a couple of times at least. I don’t have this well explained because I just did this a couple of times after wrestling with it for days... the things I hadn’t done before were the potions and the quarry. GOOD LUCK!!

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